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Fitness isn’t a goal, it’s a lifestyle | GeoCrash Photography

Fitness isn’t a goal, it’s a lifestyle

Fitness isn’t a goal, it’s a lifestyle

I wish I knew who first said those words, they are perhaps the most important words to remember when the pain starts. When the sugar in the muscle is all used up and the burn from the destruction of fat and muscle begins, it’s nice to be reminded of the larger, more global reason as to why I’ve decided to inflict this upon myself. My name is Corey Coulter and I am an unhealthy 37 year old father of three. My job is my excuse and my work ethic is my curse. I need to stop going down my road towards a future of liver and kidney failure and choose a different path. One that will improve every aspect of my life. A path towards fitness, essential fitness for life.[pullquote_r]Dude, enough of this. My body is crap and I’m a wreck.[/pullquote_r]

I first met Terry Gourley years ago when our sons attended the same preschool. He was and is, a very physically intimidating man. We crossed paths a few times over the years but it wasn’t until recently that I really got to spend time with him and discover who he really is. He is above all else, an incredibly loving family man with a devote Christian lifestyle. In his early 50’s, he’s in better physical shape than he was in his mid 40’s when I first met him. Needless to say when I discovered that I needed some saving, he fit the bill on many levels.

In March of 2013, he was working on developing his own personal training and fitness program. He called it DewCoach Fitness. He made the kind of challenge that will make a guy like me bite every time. He said, “No one ever comes back for a second session.” Not something any fledgling business owner should ever admit, but also something that I couldn’t resist. So the following day, along with another friend of mine, I started my personal training and almost gave back my lunch. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was beginning something that would change my life.

When I began working out, I didn’t have any goals, other than getting out of the house for a bit and hanging with some adults. My background in sports had jaded me to most exercise programs and fitness schemes. I’m not impressed easily and definitely not a gym rat. But just seeing this man at his age, looking almost comic book hero in stature was intriguing enough to get me started about thinking of my goals. I missed being in shape. Sure on my race weekends I could run from one side of the track to the other to get the shots. I could do so with 20+ pounds of equipment, I might add. But I missed not being winded or cramping while doing so.

My diet on those weekends is garbage. If it’s fast, in a bag or liquid it’s in my belly. All of that offered nothing in terms of nutrition. In fact my whole life has been a 37 year gummy bear bender with a little chocolate frosting to help. I thought because I drank the occasional Gatorade and stopped the soda that I was healthier than most. But facts are facts and when your body type is slim, having a 2nd trimester baby bump for a belly, isn’t sexy.

[pullquote_l]My diet on those weekends is garbage. If it’s fast, in a bag or liquid it’s in my belly.[/pullquote_l]

I started working out in earnest and those early days were hell. Pure hell. I’ve never wanted to quit something so bad in my life. I hurt all the time, my body was resisting a diet change and I struggled with the occasional race weekend. After the first 18 workouts though, the results were impressive. I noticed a huge gain in my functional strength. My photography was an unanticipated upgrade as a result of this program. I used to get maybe one-two keepers in a slow shutter speed pan out of 8 shots. Now I’m getting five-six keepers as my arms were stronger and able to hold the heavier lens out. Nice!!

Sadly the race season went into overdrive and my 3 months of kicking ass and looking good soon fell victim to my old habits. I was soon on the road for a 3 month stint that brought an abrupt end to my fitness. I vowed to return to DewCoach when the season was over and start all over. And that’s what I’ve done.

When the season ended and found myself back in that “I’m starving my baby” physique. Not good. So I came back to Terry and said, “Dude, enough of this. My body is crap and I’m a wreck.” He happily took me back in and reestablished my baselines. This time I also have goals. I see what happens when I’m on the road, I see my kids and how they view their dad’s eating habits. I’m confused by all the different plans and programs but I’m not confused with what works. Terry’s plan and philosophy is different than mainstream programs and that really resonates with me.

DewCoach understands the interplay between body and mind. If the body isn’t good the mind suffers and if the mind isn’t challenged and happy, then the body wilts. I now have solid goals and a strong desire to keep this journey going. Fitness isn’t my goal, it’s my lifestyle.


1) Gain functional strength. The strength that will allow me to perform my job at peak performance and obtain more business.
2) Increase my understanding of my personal health. Stop writing off my pains and aches as, “I used up the best parts already” and address the issues through proper nutrition and exercise.
3) Gain a better understanding of nutrition in general. Discover foods that can replace my normal snacks for healthier alternatives.
4) Set a better example for my children. Show them the importance of proper nutrition and exercise.
5) Pecs!!!! To finally have pecs! My family is genetically impaired when it comes to pectoral muscle development. I vow to be the first male in our lineage with pecs!!


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